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Project Name Nubika Jaya Biogas Extraction for Bio-Hydrogen Production
Country Indonesia
Sectoral Scope 1, 5, 13
Description PT Nubika Jaya (NUB) plans to implement a biogas extraction facility coupled with hydrogen production plant to cater for its hydrogen demand as feedstock to the new oleo-chemical facility ("The Project"). The Project will capture methane from the complex industrial waste-water generated primarily by its palm fruit milling activities and convert the recovered methane to hydrogen (H2) as feedstock for the hydrogenation process in the newly constructed oleo-chemical facility.
NUB is uniquely positioned because the newly built oleo-chemical facilities is constructed adjacent to its palm oil mill which is generating large amount of effluents with high COD characteristic. Opportunity opens to extract biogas from the existing waste water treatment plant and convert it to hydrogen, effectively displacing the otherwise-required hydrocarbon feedstock/fuel in the hydrogen production unit. If successfully implemented, NUB will be the first oleo-chemical facility in the world to use biogas-based hydrogen.
Public Comment Start date 2008/04/01
Close date 2008/04/30
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