The 16th Edition of "Management System Certification/Registration Rules"

March 28, 2022

Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)

"Management System Certification/Registration Rules" has been revised and a summary of changes in the 16th edition of the rules is as shown below.

  • Date of Revision:20 March 2022
  • Effective Date:1 April 2022

Details of revision

Changes Remarks

Deletion of Standards

  • Deletion of OHSAS18001
  • Deletion of CSMS standard

Delete OHSAS18001standard upon it’s abolition

Delete CSMS standard according to withdrawal from the certification services
Addition of reference standards Add JIP-ISAC102-2.0 as reference standard for ISO/IEC27701
Addition of Clause 3.10 Add clause which prohibits video-/audio-recording during audit
Addition of Clause 5.5 Clarify JQA’s audit plan as a part of audit report
Clause 8
Addition of publication of certification information
Add UKAS as publication of accredited certification information
Clause 20.1 Update procedure with regard to certification transfer
Additional description on Clause 20.4 Add procedure for JQA to inform an original certification body of completion of registration of an organization after successful certificate transfer
Specific to IATF16949 Clarify the scope to be included for the site requiring 3rd party certification to IATF16949
Specific to JFS-C
  • Update clauses with regard to non-conformity handling