About Us

The Leading Quality Assurance Organization

Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) is a not-for-profit organization specializing in registration services for ISO management systems as well as safety testing and certification for compliance to a variety of standards, both national and international. We started our operation in 1957, initially as a designated inspection body under Japan's Export Inspection Law. Our work contributed to the postwar recovery of and export-oriented Japanese economy by testing and certifying product destined for overseas markets.

Built on rich expertise and know-how in testing and certification, we have continuously added to our conformity assessment services, while being accredited by relevant authorities both at home and abroad, so as to meet the varied need that developed with the globalization of economy.

Today, more than half the JQA staff engage in registration services for ISO management system standards. Besides, we deliver services ranging from product and component safety, to the health and safety of the public, to environmental evaluations, to the authentification of compliance to regulations for fast-growing information technologies.

Quality assurance and conformity assessment by an impartial third-party organization plays an important role in facilitating business transactions across borders. We have been strengthening our global network of services through contracted partnership with overseas providers of testing and certification services. Through such networks JQA promotes cost-effective one-stop-shopping services for multiple access to safety/certification marks in major countries.

Since its founding, JQA has hold a high reputation as a forerunner of conformity assessment services. Our commitment to meet the satisfaction of business, industry, government and consumers will become even more solid well into the new century.

JQA Brochure (PDF:17.2MB)