Licensee Support "JIS My Page"

Information for JIS My Page

This website is limited to Licensee who have acquired JIS mark certification by JQA. You can use various services that support the acquisition and maintenance of JIS mark certification such as checking your own certification information and various audit information.

How to Use JIS My Page

  • Only Quality Control Manager of JQA's JIS Licensee can use "JIS My Page".
  • Please enter your User name and password when login. Your User name (login ID) is the email address that we sent you the login URL for the first time, and the password is set by yourself.


  • Electronic application" for various applications
    Various applications such as Maintenance Certification Surveillance, Changes Concerning Production Conditions, and Application Form for JIS Mark Scheme Additional Issue of Certificate, etc. are possible.
  • Your company's certification Licensee information
    You can also check the certification details of JIS mark certification (audit date, scope of certification, etc.), the name of the quality control manager currently registered, and the application deadline for Certification Maintenance Surveillance for each certification.
  • The application status of your company's audit
    You can check the progress of the ongoing audit in real time. You can also browse past audit history (* limited to audit history after 2015).
  • Smooth transfer (upload / download) of large amounts of data
    You can upload the large-capacity materials, which is difficult to handle by attaching by e-mail, and you can download conformity assessment reports, estimates, invoices and more.