Electromagnetics, Radiation & EMC
(Calibration of Measuring Instruments)

J : Issues certificates with the JCSS symbol for measurement act traceability system.
A : Issues certificates with the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) symbol.

Voltmeters, Current meters
Voltmeters (RF) J A
Voltmeters (DC, AC)   A
Current meters (DC, AC)   A
Digital multimeters, Clamp meters   A
Temperature Recorders, Temperature Indicators J A
Voltmeters, Current generators
Signal generators J A
Standard voltage, current generators   A
Pulse generators, Oscilloscope calibrators   A
Power meters
Power meters (RF, Microwave) J A
Power meters (DC, AC)   A
Attenuators, Directional couplers J A
Impedance components J A
Frequency counters
Frequency standards, Frequency counters   A
Tachometers   A
High voltage measuring instruments
High voltage meters   A
Puncture testers   A
Insulation testers   A
Earth continuity testers   A
Electrostatic meters   A
Radiation Meters
Soft X-ray dose (rate) meters J  
Middle hard X-ray dose (rate) meters J  
Dose area product meters    
Gamma ray dose (rate) meters J  
Surface Contamination meters    
LCR measuring instruments
Standard resistors, Resistance measuring instruments   A
Inductance   A
Capacitance, AC Resistance   A
EMC measuring instruments
Antennas   A
EMI test receivers   A
EFT/Burst simulators   A
ESD simulators   A
Surge simulators   A
Magnetic field measuring instruments   A
Other measuring instruments for electromagnetics
Laser power meters J A
Optical attenuation   A
Illuminance meters   A
Luminance meters   A
Distortion analyzers   A
Oscilloscopes   A
Spectrum analyzers   A
Microwave survey meters    
Strain meters   A