Temperature, Humidity
(Calibration of Measuring Instruments)

J : Issues certificates with the JCSS symbol for measurement act traceability system.
A : Issues certificates with the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) symbol.

Liquid-in-glass thermometers J A
Digital thermometers J A
Radiation thermometers, Infrared thermograph   A
Resistance thermometers J A
Thermocouples J A
Temperature Indicator
(w/o sensor)
Dew point hygrometers J A
Digital hygrometers J A
Thermal conductivity hygrometers J  
Ventilated psychrometers J A
Elongation automatic hygrometers   A
Temperature & humidity test chambers
Constant temperature & humidity chambers   A
Humidity generators J A
Temperature calibration instruments J A
Blackbody furnace   A