Verification of Specified Measuring Instruments

Measuring instruments for use in transactions and certification must pass the verification based on the Measurement Act. JQA provides verification services of environmental measuring instruments as a verification organization designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

1. Verification and Other Activities Based on the Measurement Act

(1) Verification
JQA performs verifications of the following measuring instruments:
Environmental Measuring Instruments
Sound level meters Precision sound level meters
Ordinary sound level meters
Vibration level meters  
Atmospheric gas analyzers Zirconium oxygen analyzers
Conductometric sulfur dioxide analyzers
Magnetic oxygen analyzers
Ultraviolet sulfur dioxide analyzers
Ultraviolet nitrogen oxide analyzers
Non-dispersive infrared sulfur dioxide analyzers
Non-dispersive infrared nitrogen oxide analyzers
Non-dispersive infrared carbon monoxide analyzers
Chemiluminescent nitrogen oxide analyzers
pH meters Glass electrode-type pH electrodes
Glass electrode-type pH indicators
(2) Type test
Measuring instruments for environmental monitoring
(3) Surveys of specified manufacturers

2. Inspection Based on the Inspection System

(1) Inspections
Level recorders for sound and vibration level