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  • Certification of ISO Management System

    JQA responds to society's needs through management system assessment and registration services.

  • Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment, Components, and Medical Devices

    JQA's global network enables it to strengthen its certification system and sophisticate its certirication techniques to promote a safe living environment.

  • Calibration and Verification of Measuring Instruments

    JQA, a globally recognized standards provider, contributes to the establishment of social infrastructures.

  • JIS Mark Certification

    JQA, a JIS certification body, meets certification needs in wide-ranging product and technological fields.

  • Assessment and Certification for Environmental Concerns

    In pursuit of sustainable development of society, JQA supports environmental conservation activities through assessment of anti-global warming projects.

  • Robots and Functional Safety

    We offer services relating to safety of robots and functional safety.

Select by Industries/Fields