Consumer Safety (PSC Mark)
(Mandatory Approvals in Japan)

Consumer Product Safety Act

The Consumer Product Safety Act aims to protect consumers from injury and death by regulating the manufacture and sale of designated products. It also promotes proper maintenance of designated products and the collection and distribution of information regarding product accidents to protect consumer interests.

The Consumer Product Safety Act is divided into the following three main topics.

The Consumer Product Safety Mark

There are two kinds of regulated products, "specified products", which require self-verification, and "special specified products", which require third-party assessment.
Regulated products may not be placed on the market in Japan without bearing the appropriate mark of conformity to technical requirements (Specified Products psc mark Special Specified Products psc mark).

* PSC stands for "Product Safety of Consumer Products."

Specified product Mark, Soecuak Soecified Product Mark

Reporting Product Accidents

For major accidents involving consumer products, such as fire or fatal injury , the importer or manufacturer of the product involved must submit an accident report to the Japanese government. Also, businesses selling, repairing, or installing consumer products must try to notify importers and manufacturers as soon as they become aware of a major accident.

The Long-term Use Consumer Product Safety Inspection & Labeling System

A system of labeling and safety inspections for long-term use consumer products was established to prevent accidents arising from product wear-and-tear over extended periods of time. In the Long-term Use Consumer Product Safety Inspection System, manufacturers and importers of Specified Maintenance Products*1 must label the product with: the standard period of use*2, recommended frequency of inspections, and contact information to easily request inspections.

For electrical products such as fans, air conditioners, ventilation fans, washing machines (dryers are excluded), and cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions, manufacturers and importers are required to display warnings on the product regarding product deterioration over time and the standard period of use in relation to product design.

  • *1 Specified Maintenance Products: Indoor instantaneous gas water heaters (city gas, LP gas), indoor gas bath water heating units (city gas, LP gas), petroleum water heaters, petroleum bath water heating units, petroleum direct vent space heaters, built-in electric dishwashers, electric bath dryers
  • *2 Standard Period of Use : The standard period a product can be used safely.

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