(Calibration of Measuring Instruments)

J : Issues certificates with the JCSS symbol for measurement act traceability system.
A : Issues certificates with the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) symbol.

High-precision length standards, Micro scales
Wavelength-stabilized He-Ne lasers at 633nm J A
Standard micro scales J  
Gauge blocks(interferometry or comparison) J A
Glass scales, Objective micrometers J A
Master gauges for calibration
Ring gauges   A
Plug gauges, Pin gauges   A
Thread plug gauges   A
Thread ring gauges   A
Taper gauges   A
Three wires for screw thread measuring   A
Standard bars J A
Test bars   A
Step gauges J A
Dial gauge testers J A
Optical flats   A
Optical parallels   A
Precise measuring machines
1-D length measuring machines   A
Electrical comparators   A
Microindicators   A
Measuring microscopes   A
Measuring projectors   A
Coordinate measuring machines   A
Contact stylus instrument   A
Measuring tools, Metal rules, Steel tape measures
Callipers J A
Micrometers J A
Cylinder gauges J A
Dial gauges J A
Depth gauges J A
Hole testers   A
Height gauges J A
Metal rules, Steel tape measures J A
Convex Rules   A
Test Sieves   A
Angle standards
Rotary encoders J  
Optical polygons   A
Index tables   A
Angle gauges   A
Angle blocks   A
Autocollimators   A
Straightedges, Squares   A
Precision surface plates   A
Precision levels   A
Contact Profilometry
Length / Angle   A