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JQA e-learning allows you to study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

“The e-learning service is available 24 hours a day.”
This is a self-study service where you can take various courses by connecting to a dedicated site from your PC via internet.

JQA e-learning Service

JQA, as a JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) mark certification body, the experience and know-how cultivated in auditing makes our e-learning service special.
In JIS mark certification audits, the concepts of "standardization", "quality control", "technical standards" and "education and training" are important. JQA's e-learning reflects these concepts in the e-learning, aiming for more concrete and practical content.

JQA has already provided training programs in the various style such as “on-site seminars” or “group training”, but we can take advantage of e-learning at any time/any place and we will provide various learning opportunities to more customer.

Why Choose JQA?

Since its establishment in 1957, JQA has been providing testing, inspection and certification services to domestic and overseas customers as a pioneer of third-party certification bodies. The JQA e-learning service, which utilizes the technology and know-how cultivated in management system evaluation and product testing, can be used not only as "human resources development" but also as a means of "quality improvement" and "problem solving".


*These courses are English only.

The Set Course for getting JIS Quality Control Manager's Qualification

It is a bundle course from course No. A to J. After taking each training course (No. A to I, including section test), you are required to take the Final Confirmation Test course (No. J).

Note: JIS Mark Certification Quality Control Manager’s qualification is valid only in JIS mark Certification process of JQA.

Access period:

9 months

Total time:

Video 3,254 min.
Test 810 min.
Course No. Course Description Access

General JIS Mark Certification and Description of Guidance

This course explains what JIS mark certification is and the basic contents related to JIS, such as the purpose of the Japanese Industrial Standardization Law.

2 months Video 191 min.
Test 80 min.

Basics of Statistics and Application of Statistical Methods

This course explains basic concepts of statistics in manufacturing quality control and explains how to solve problems using statistics.

2 months Video 444 min.
Test 80 min.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This course explains using overview and control chart SPC statistical process control, and describes such an example of Xbar-R in the analysis of the measurement system.

2 months Video 521 min.
Test 80 min.

Process Capability Analysis

This course explains Process Capability Analysis, Capability of Accuracy (Ca), Capability of Precision (Cp), Process Capability Index (Cpk) and Histograms, and fundamental knowledge that designers and engineers should know.

2 months Video 275 min.
Test 80 min.

Examples of Quality Assurance Implementation

This course explains examples of JIS mark certified factory audit quality control practices and product testing practices.

2 months Video 221 min.
Test 80 min.

Basic Concepts of Measurement Uncertainty

This course explains the basic concepts of measurement uncertainty.

1 month Video 192 min.
Test 80 min.

Introduction to ISO/IEC 17025

This course explains basic overview of ISO/IEC 17025 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

1 month Video 414 min.
Test 80 min.

Outline of Standardization

This course explains the outline of standardization including the contents of ISO 9001.

3 months Video 275 min.
Test 80 min.

Problem Analysis and Solution

This course explains how to find the problems and understand the current situation, problem analysis, problem solving methods and process control improvement.

4 months Video 529 min.
Test 80 min.

Final Confirmation Test for JIS Quality Control Manager's Qualification

This course is the final confirmation test for JIS Quality Control Manager's qualification. The test is about 90 minutes long. After passing courses A to I, you can take this course.

Final test 90 min. (written exam)

* It is possible to take each course alone. Please contact us if you would like a single course.

Required Preparations

  • Internet access
  • Participant’s own e-mail address
  • A personal computer that meets the following operating environment
Device Windows Mac Smart Phone
OS versions Windows 8, 8.1, 10 MacOS 10.10 or later Android 4.4 or later
iOS 10.3 or later
Browsers Google Chrome (Latest version)
Edge (Latest version)
FireFox (Latest version)
Safari 9 or more
Component x86 or x64 1.6GHz or more / 2GB or more
Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz or more / 2GB or more