You can study at any time you want on a computer connected to the internet.

24 hours a day

JQA e-learning allows you to study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

“The e-learning service is available 24 hours a day.”
This is a self-study service where you can take various courses by connecting to a dedicated site from your PC via internet.

JQA e-learning Service

JQA, as a JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) mark certification body, the experience and know-how cultivated in auditing makes our e-learning service special.
In JIS mark certification audits, the concepts of "standardization", "quality control", "technical standards" and "education and training" are important. JQA's e-learning reflects these concepts in the e-learning, aiming for more concrete and practical content.

JQA has already provided training programs in the various style such as “on-site seminars” or “group training”, but we can take advantage of e-learning at any time/any place and we will provide various learning opportunities to more customer.

Why Choose JQA?

Since its establishment in 1957, JQA has been providing testing, inspection and certification services to domestic and overseas customers as a pioneer of third-party certification bodies. The JQA e-learning service, which utilizes the technology and know-how cultivated in management system evaluation and product testing, can be used not only as "human resources development" but also as a means of "quality improvement" and "problem solving".