CDM (Clean Development Mechanism)

CDM is one of the countermeasures for preventing global warming (Kyoto Mechanisms) as set out in the "Kyoto Protocol". It allows Annex I Parties (developed countries) to conduct anti-global warming projects in non-Annex I Parties (developing countries). The purpose for the CDM shall be assist Parties not included in Annex I, in achieving sustainable development and in Annex I achieving compliance with their quantities emission limitation and reduction commitments.

CDM projects are designed to reduce (or remove) greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to transfer environmental protection technologies and promote these technologies in the host countries.

JQA, as Designated Operational Entity (DOE), is responsible for CDM-related validation and verification/certification activities.

JQA shall make available internal procedures for carrying out its functions including, among others, procedures for the allocation of responsibilities within the organization and for handling complaints, and the fundamental policy to improve confidence in the CDM Assessment Scheme.
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