Physical Quantity
(Calibration of Measuring Instruments)

J : Issues certificates with the JCSS symbol for measurement act traceability system.
A : Issues certificates with the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) symbol.

Weights J A
Non-automatic electric balances J A
Force, Torque and Hardness
Load cells J A
Loops, Standardizing box J A
Uniaxial testing machines
Extensometers J A
Push-Pull, Force, Tension gauges   A
Reference torque wrench J  
Torque measuring devices, Torque tools J A
Hardness testers J A
Durometers   A
Spring Hammer   A
Pressure balances (Dead weight testers) J A
Liquid column manometers J A
Electrical pressure gauges J A
Mechanical pressure gauges (Bourdon tube etc.) J A
Vacuum gauge J  
Density hydrometers J  
Specific gravity hydrometers J  
Alcoholmeters J