JCM (The Joint Crediting Mechanism)

The Japanese government is moving forward with JCM (The Joint Crediting Mechanism) as the scheme of complement of current CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) to facilitate diffusion of leading low carbon technologies, products, and services and contribute to sustainable development of developing countries.

Based on the experiences of CDM assessment, we offer high-quality assessment services*1 in the field of JCM as well as TPE (Third Party Entity). In addition we have provided assessment of MRV*2 methodology to quantify GHG emission reductions and implemented capacity building to support establishment of MRV system even at the planning stage of JCM projects. Therefore, we support companies from various points of view which would develop business through utilization of JCM.

  • *1  Assessment Service we offer:
    Validation for the JCM project registration and Verification for certification of emission reductions
  • *2  MRV:
    Measurement, Reporting and Verification