CDM Project Activity List (Validation)

Ref. No. Title of Project Host

* Estimated emission reductions in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum (as stated by the project participants)

3HFC Decimposition Project in UlsanKoreaRegistered1,400,000
11Project for GHG Emission Reduction by Thermal Oxidation of HFC23 in Jiangsu Meilan Chemical CO. Ltd., Jiangsu Province, China ChinaRegistered8,411,432
69Nubarashen Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation Project in Yerevan ArmeniaCP Renewed135,000
69Nubarashen Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation Project in Yerevan ArmeniaRegistered135,000
306Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Changshu 3F Zhonghao New Chemical Materials Co. Ltd, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China ChinaRegistered10,437,249
549Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Zhejiang Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd., China ChinaRegistered3,656,598
550Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. Linhai, Zhejiang Province, ChinaChinaRegistered4,783,753
757Factory energy-efficiency improvement project in Malaysia (MAPREC, PRDM, PSCDDM, PAVCJM, PCM) MalaysiaRegistered1,312
759Factory energy-efficiency improvement project in Malaysia (PHAAM, PCOM (PJ), PCOM (SA), PEDMA, MEDEM) MalaysiaRegistered6,474
762Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation Project in TbilisiGeorgiaRegistered72,700
767HFC23 Decomposition Project at Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Zigong, SiChuan Province, China ChinaRegistered2,065,533
1105"Changshu Haike HFC23 Decomposition Project Jiangsu Province"ChinaRegistered3,473,385
1372Factory energy efficiency improvement in compressed air demand and supply in Malaysia MalaysiaRegistered173
1406Tianjin Shuangkou Landfill Gas Recovery and Electricity GenerationChinaRegistered130,444
1625A power generation project using waste heat from the Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) equipment in ChinaChinaRejected134,656
16344MW Biomass Power Plants Using Waste Wood Chips & Sawdust in Central Java Province, IndonesiaIndonesiaRegistered14,602
1735PAA Biogas Extraction Project for Heat GenerationIndonesiaRejected42,301
1736Esajadi small hydropower project in MalaysiaMalaysiaRegistered45,063
1851Power Propect 9.9MW Rice Husk Power PlantThailandRejected33,788
2226The Blended Cement project utilizing the additives to decrease the clinker content in Shanxi Guashan CementChinaWithdraw72,906
2229Dir Baalbeh Landfill Gas Capture Project in HomsSyrian Arab RepublicRegistered67,890
2373Ningxia Yinchuan No. 1 Natural Gas Cogeneration ProjectChinaRejected49,041
2419Controlled combustion of municipal solid waste (MSW) and energy generation in Linyi City, Shandong, China (the Project activity or the Project)ChinaRejected83,399
2420Inner Mongolia Keshiketeng County Wutaohai South Wind Farm 49.5 MW ProjectChinaRejected151,858
2421Nubika Jaya Biogas Extraction for Bio-Hydrogen ProductionIndonesiaRegistered44,181
2445Pure-low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery for Power Generation (2×7MW) in Guangdong Tapai Cement Co., Ltd. (“the Project” or “the Project Activity”)ChinaRejected67,040
2446Controlled combustion of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge and energy generation in Shaoxing City, People’s Republic of ChinaChinaRegistered127,909
2453Tal Dman Landfill Gas Capture Project in AleppoSyrian Arab RepublicRegistered65,037
2469NISCO Converter Gas Recovery and Utilization for Power Generation ProjectChinaRegistered105,681
2571Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Truong Thinh starch processing plant in Tay Ninh, VietnamVietnamRegistered42,389
2572Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Viet Ma starch processing plant in Tay Ninh, VietnamVietnamRegistered39,814
2594Bintulu Combined-Cycle Project STG Unit No.9, Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu, SarawakMalaysiaRegistered595,460
2596Fujian Pingnan Jinzaoqiao Hydropower ProjectChinaRegistered137,977
2620Srijaroen Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment Project in Krabi Province, Thailand ThailandRegistered20,429
2631Biogas project, BAJ Unit 6 IndonesiaCP Renewed41,860
2644Thachana Palm Oil Company Wastewater Treatment Project in ThailandThailandRegistered23,844
2650Biogas project, BAJ Terbanggi IndonesiaCP Renewed70,296
2652Biogas project, BAJ Way Jepara IndonesiaCP Renewed51,471
2673BAJ Gunung Agung Factory tapioca starch wastewater biogas extraction and utilization project, Lampung Province, Republic of Indonesia IndonesiaCP Renewed63,114
2750Akhangaran Landfill Gas Capture Project in TashkentUzbekistanRegistered84,908
2750Akhangaran Landfill Gas Capture Project in TashkentUzbekistanCP Renewed84,908
2751Piyungan Landfill Gas Capture Project in YogyakartaIndonesiaRegistered51,231
2938Power Propect 9.9MW Rice Husk Power PlantThailandRegistered35,367
3333Samsung Electronics SF6 abatement projectKoreaRegistered768,215
3334Biogas from Ethanol Wastewater for Electricity GenerationThailandRegistered18,804
3335Trang Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment Project in Trang Province, Thailand ThailandRegistered23,248
3837Chengdu Luodai Municipal Solid Waste Incineration ProjectChinaRegistered98,030
4042Catalytic N2O abatement project in the tail gas of the nitric acid production plant in SyriaSyrian Arab RepublicRegistered187,855
4620SF6 Emission Reduction in LCD Manufacturing Operation in Cheonan (South Korea)KoreaRegistered497,952
4621SF6 Emission Reduction in LCD Manufacturing Operation in Tangjung (South Korea)KoreaRegistered725,543
4667Energy efficiency improvements of Pucheng Power Plant through retrofitting turbines in ChinaChinaRejected270,205
5014Gansu Taohe Jili Hydropower ProjectChinaRegistered63,682
5194Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project in Dalian City, People’s Republic of China (the Project or the Project activity)ChinaRegistered22,685
6098Fuqing Jiaru Wind Power Phase II ProjectChinaRegistered88,394
6230Datang Changqing Phase I Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered87,012
6235Datang Changyi PhaseⅠWind Farm ProjectChinaRegistered89,854
6271Datang Pingyin Phase II Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered86,725
6337Installing Solar Water Heating Systems in the South of Viet Nam (PoA)VietnamRegistered2,542
6457Datang Jilin Datong 49.5 MW Windfarm ProjectChinaRegistered98,661
6466Ningbo Wanhua Nitric Acid Unit Phase I ProjectChinaRegistered217,813
6500Jinkai Group Dual Pressure Line 1 N2O Abatement ProjectChinaRegistered268,965
6502Jinkai Group Dual Pressure Line 2 N2O Abatement ProjectChinaRegistered268,965
6539Datang Pingdu Xinhe Wind Farm ProjectChinaRegistered89,701
6740Datang Kezuohouqi Hariwusu 49.5MW Wind Farm ProjectChinaRegistered108,466
6787Wang Phloeng Solar Power Plant ProjectThailandCP Renewed8,829
6803Xinjiang Huaneng Toksun Baiyanghe Phase II Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered93,156
6807Shangyi Hanjiazhuang Wind Power project phase IChinaRegistered100,871
6899Shuangliao Xiushui Phase I Wind Farm ProjectChinaRegistered97,031
6905Minqin Hongshagang Chenjiaqianjing Nanjing 49.5MW Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered83,509
6963Qiqihaer Nianzishan Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered104,936
6965Datang Jixian Taiping Wind Power Project     ChinaRegistered106,462
6966Hubei Longganhu Wind Farm ProjectChinaRegistered73,771
7091Datang Tuquan Laoyeling Wind Farm Phase II ProjectChinaRegistered108,752
7341Datang Changqing Phase II Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered85,281
7421Xidahe Hydropower Project in Gansu ProvinceChinaRegistered52,502
7552State Grid Renewable Energy Dabancheng Phase I Wind ProjectChinaRegistered122,955
7652PTPN VI Bunut Mill POME Biogas Project in Jambi Province, Sumatera in IndonesiaIndonesiaRegistered31,843
7673Shaanxi Xinghua Chemistry Co., Ltd. Nitric Acid Line 5 Project ChinaRegistered216,869
8505Alu Kerqin Qi Balaqirude Wind Farm 45 MW Wind Power ProjectChinaRegistered95,000
9940Energy and Water Saving Promotion Programme for Textile Dyeing Process of Bangladesh Textile and Garment Industries (PoA)BangladeshRegistered1,886
9974Disseminating Efficient Cook Stoves in Vanuatu (PoA)VanuatuRegistered9,524
9992Programme for Promotion of Access to Domestic Biogas in Rural Bangladesh (PoA)BangladeshRegistered3,830
10030Household energy appliance programme (PoA)Myanmar/Timor-LesteRegistered137,926
10354Beijing Haidian Beibu Gas-fired Cogeneration ProjectChinaRegistered412,769