S-JQA Mark Certification
(Certification Services)

S-JQA Mark Certification

JQA-certified product safety mark

S-JQA Mark Certification (JQA Product Safety Certification Scheme) is a third-party certification scheme for electrical and electronic products.
All domestic and overseas businesses that manufacturer, sell, or import electrical and electronic products or components are eligible to apply.

  • S-JQA Mark Certification is operated by JQA, but it is one of the S-mark schemes administered by the Steering Council of Safety Certification for Electrical and Electronic Appliances and Parts of Japan (SCEA).
  • Conformity assessment pursuant to the requirements of the DENAN Law is conducted for S-JQA Mark Certification.
  • As a third-party certification, the S-JQA Mark can be supplementary to the self-verification required of businesses by the DENAN Law.
  • Conformity asseessment is conducted for each product model and the quality management system of the product's factories are verified through annual inspections.

Certification Scope

In addition to low-voltage electrical and electronic products, the certification scope also includes materials, components, and subassemblies such as built-in power supply units.

What are the Benefits?

  • As an independent body, JQA can offer objective proof that your product conforms to safety standards and meets consumer's product safety expectations.
  • Certificate holders can discover points for improvement and ways to enhance their quality management systems through JQA's factory inspections.
  • By displaying the S-JQA mark, certificate holders can boost consumer appeal by demonstrating their company is committed to product safety.

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