S-JQA Certification
Voluntary Safety & EMC Approval

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S-JQA Certification

Applying for S-JQA Certification

When applying for S-JQA Certification, please fill in the required items on the application form and submit it together with the required materials and test samples listed below. See the JQA Application Guide for detailed instructions.


Requested Materials:

  • JQA Application Form
  • S-JQA Mark Application Form
  • Manufacturing Factory list
  • List of Critical Components
  • Factory Inspection Questionnaire
  • Circuit Diagram(s)
  • Label Information
  • User manual
  • Specifications
  • Photos
  • Catalog
  • External Drawings
  • Power of Attorney (if applying through a third-party)
  • Samples:
    • 1 sample unit with repair parts

      * If 2 sample units can be provided, testing lead time can be reduced.

  • For modifications and/or additions:
    • Comparative Table of Changes
    • Overview of Similar Models