S-JQA Certification
Voluntary Safety & EMC Approval

S-JQA Certification

The information on this page is intended for reference purposes only.
See JQA's Guide or the SCEA website for more detailed requirements.

About the S-Mark in Japan


A council made up of certification bodies, industry associations, and research institutes called "SCEA" administers the S-mark in Japan.

The S-mark is a voluntary approval mark intended to supplement the PSE Law’s self-declaration scheme (the circle PSE mark).

Although S-marks are not required by law, product safety and performance are highly prized by Japanese consumers and S-marks appear on over 75% of household electronics on the Japanese market.

S-JQA Certification refers to the particular S-mark Scheme operated by JQA.

S-JQA Certification Benefits


Displaying the S-JQA mark next to the circle PSE mark on self-declaration products can show dealers and consumers that your brand is committed to the safety of its users and their families.

Foreign manufacturers may derive extra value from the S-JQA certification scheme as it uses the same standards that are required by the PSE Law (safety & EMI) and can reduce the risk of misunderstanding product requirements.

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