S-JQA Certification
Voluntary Safety & EMC Approval

S-JQA Certification

Manufacturers who wish to obtain S-JQA Certification for numerous models over a long period of time are encouraged to register their own testing facilities with JQA.

By registering their in-house testing facilities, manufacturers can avoid local testing in Japan and greatly reduce lead times.

Laboratory Requirements

Laboratories are assessed for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Laboratories with no previous accreditation are required to undergo a pre-assessment to prepare for registration and a formal assessment at the time of registration.

Laboratories that maintain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the relevant scope may be eligible for a reduced assessment process.

JQA inspects the following items when conducting assessments:

  • Testing capabilities
  • Testing equipment & calibration records
  • Management of quality system

Costs Associated with S-JQA Lab Registration

Initial costs include the assessment fee, assessor traveling & accommodation expenses, and an application processing fee.

An annual registration maintenance cost will also be invoiced every year in April. Follow-up assessments are generally required once a year.

Contact Information for S-JQA Lab Registration

If you are interested in registering your test site with JQA, please send an inquiry including information about any current accreditations to one of the contact points below.