Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division A : Civil Engineering and Architecture

No. JIS Number JIS Title
1A4111Solar water heater
2A4112Solar collectors
3A4401Vanities and medicine cabinets
6A4802Curtain rails (Metal)
7A5002Lightweight aggregates for structural concrete
8A5005Crushed stone and manufactured sand for concrete
9A5011-1Slag aggregate for concrete -- Part 1: Blast furnace slag aggregate
10A5011-2Slag aggregate for concrete -- Part 2: Ferronickel slag aggregate
11A5011-3Slag aggregate for concrete -- Part 3: Copper slag aggregate
12A5011-4Slag aggregate for concrete -- Part 4: Electric arc furnace oxidizing slag aggregate
13A5021Recycled aggregate for concrete-Class H
14A5022Recycled aggregate concrete-Class M
15A5023Recycled aggregate concrete-Class L
16A5031Melt-solidified slag aggregate for concrete derived from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge
17A5032Melt-solidified slag material for road construction derived from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge
18A5207Sanitary wares
19A5208Clay rooftiles
20A5209Ceramic tiles
21A5210Ceramic masonry units for buildings
22A5212Hollow glass blocks
23A5308Ready-mixed concrete
24A5371Precast unreinforced concrete products
25A5372Precast reinforced concrete products
26A5373Precast prestressed concrete products
27A5402Pressed cement roof tiles
28A5404Cement bonded wood-wool and flake boards
29A5406Concrete blocks for buildings
30A5409Precast reinforced components for concrete fences
31A5414Pulp cement boards
32A5422Fiber reinforced cement sidings
33A5430Fibre reinforced cement boards
34A5505Metal laths
37A5523Weldable hot rolled steel sheet piles
38A5525Steel pipe piles
39A5526Steel H piles
40A5528Hot rolled steel sheet piles
41A5530Steel pipe sheet piles
43A5536Adhesives for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings
44A5537Adhesives for anchoring wooden blocks
45A5538Adhesives for wall and ceiling boards
46A5540Turnbuckle for building
47A5541Body of turnbackle for building
48A5545Fittings for sliding windows
49A5547Adhesives for preformed cellular plastics thermal insulation board
50A5548Interior organic adhesives for ceramic tiles
51A5549Adhesives for fixture
52A5550Adhesives for floor joist
54A5701Glassfiber reinforced plastic corrugated sheets
55A5702Rigid PVC corrugated sheets
56A5705Polyvinyl chloride floorcoverings
57A5706Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride eaves gutters and downspouts
58A5721Plastic floor parts
59A5756Performed gaskets used in buildings -- Classification, specifications and test methods
60A5758Sealants for sealing and glazing in buildings
61A5760Structural gaskets used in buildings -- Classification, specification and test methods
62A5901Straw TATAMIDOKO and straw sandwich TATAMIDOKO
65A5914Non straw TATAMIDOKO
66A6005Asphalt roofing felts
67A6008Roofing sheets of synthetic polymer
68A6012Woven fabrics asphalt roofings
69A6013Polymer-modified bitumen roofing sheets
70A6021Liquid-applied compounds for waterproofing membrane coating of buildings
71A6022Stretchy asphalt roofing felts (Synthetic fiber base)
72A6023Perforated asphalt roofing felts
73A6201Fly ash for use in concrete
74A6202Expansive additive for concrete
75A6204Chemical admixtures for concrete
76A6205Corrosion inhibitor for reinforcing steel in concrete
77A6206Ground granulated blast-furnace slag for concrete
78A6207Silica fume for use in concrete
79A6301Sound absorbing materials
80A6511Prestressed concrete hollow cored panels
81A6513Fences and gates with metals
82A6514Components for metal roof-decks
83A6517Steel furrings for wall and ceiling in buildings
84A6519Steel furring components for gymnasium floors
85A6601Components for balcony and handrails of dwellings
86A6602Roof components for terrace of dwellings
87A6604Metal components for car port
88A6711Composite sidings with metal
89A6901Gypsum boards
90A6904Gypsum plasters
91A6909Coating materials for textured finishes of buildings
92A6916Surface preparation materials for finishing
93A6921Wallpaper and wallcoverings for decorative finish
94A8902Shovels and scoops
95A8960Vertical protective net for construction work
96A9401Recycled plastics median strip block
97A9402Recycled plastics buffers for parking
98A9504Man made mineral fibre thermal insulation materials
99A9511Preformed cellular plastics thermal insulation materials
100A9521Thermal insulation materials for buildings
101A9523Loose fill thermal insulation materials
102A9526Spray-applied rigid polyurethane foam for thermal insulation

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