Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division B : Mechanical Engineering

No.No.JIS NumberJIS Title
1B0251Limit gauges for metric screw threads
2B0253Gauges for taper pipe threads
3B0254Limit Gauges for Parallel Pipe Threads
4B0255Limit gauges for unified screw threads
5B1101Slotted head screws
6B1111Cross recessed head screws
7B1112Cross-recessed head wood screws
8B1115Slotted head tapping screws
9B1122Cross recessed head tapping screws
10B1123Hexagon head tapping screws
11B1124Drilling screws with tapping screw thread
12B1125Self drilling tapping screws
13B1135Slotted head wood screws
14B1171Cup head square neck bolts
15B1174Hexagon socket button head screws
16B1176Hexagon socket head cap screws
17B1177Hexagon socket set screws
18B1178Foundation bolts
19B1180Hexagon head bolts and hexagon head screws
20B1181Hexagon nuts and hexagon thin nuts
21B1184Wing bolts
22B1185Wing nuts
23B1186Sets of high strength hexagon bolt, hexagon nut and plain washers for friction grip joints
24B1190Hexagon nuts with flange
25B1194Hexagon socket countersunk head screws
26B1198Headed studs
27B1213Cold headed rivets
28B1215Semi-tubular rivets
29B1220Set of anchor bolt for structures
30B1251Spring lock washers
31B1256Plain washers
32B1301Keys and their corresponding keyways
33B1352Taper pins
34B1451Rigid flanged shaft couplings
35B1452Flexible flanged shaft couplings
36B1501Rolling bearings -- Balls
37B1506Rolling bearings -- Rollers
38B1551Rolling bearings -- Plummer block housings
39B1552Rolling bearings -- Adapter assemblies and withdrawal sleeves
40B1554Rolling bearings -- Locknuts and locking devices
41B1557Rolling bearings -- Insert bearing units
42B1558Rolling bearings -- Insert bearings and eccentric locking collars
43B1559Rolling bearings -- Cast and pressed housings for insert bearings
44B1801Short-pitch transmission precision roller chains and bush chains
45B2011Bronze, gate, globe, angle, and check valves
46B2031Gray cast iron valves
47B2061Faucets, ball taps and flush valves
48B2220Steel pipe flanges
49B2239Cast iron pipe flanges
50B2301Screwed type malleable cast iron pipe fittings
51B2309Butt-welding pipe fittings for light gauge stainless steel tubes for ordinary use
52B2311Steel butt-welding pipe fittings for ordinary use
53B2312Steel butt-welding pipe fittings
54B2313Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittings
55B2316Steel socket-welding pipe fittings
56B2401-1O-rings -- Part 1: O-rings
58B2804Retaining rings
59B2809U-bolt wire rope grips
60B4301Jobber series parallel shank twist drills
61B4302Morse taper shank twist drills
62B4430Short machine taps and hand taps for metric threads
63B4432Short machine taps and hand taps for unified threads
64B4604Adjustable angle wrenches
65B4606Pipe wrenches
66B4614Slip joint combination pliers with cutters
67B4620Parallel bench vices (Square jaw type)
68B4621Parallel bench vices (round jaw type)
69B4623Cutting pliers
70B4624Round nose pliers
71B4625Slant edge cutting nippers
72B4626Water pump pliers
73B4630Open ended spanners
74B4631Round nose chain pliers with side cutters
75B4632Offset wrenches
76B4634Drill chuck
77B4635Heavy duty cutting nippers
78B4636-1Socket wrenches -- 12.7 mm square drive
79B4643Bolt clippers
80B4651Combination wrenches
81B4710Groove cutters for woodworking machines
82B4802Circular saw blades for woodworking
83B4805Circular saws with cemented carbide tips
84B6801Manual blowpipes for welding, cutting and heating
85B6803Pressure regulators and pressure regulators with flow-metering devices for welding, cutting and allied processes
86B6911Process of normalizing and annealing of iron and steel
87B6912Process of induction hardening and tempering of iron and steel
88B6913Process of quenching and tempering of iron and steel
89B6914Process of carburizing and carbonitriding, quenching and tempering of iron and steel
90B6915Process of nitriding and nitrocarburizing of iron and steel
92B7503Mechanical dial gauges
93B7505-1Aneroid pressure gauges -- Part 1: Bourdon tube pressure gauges
94B7507Vernier, dial and digital callipers
95B7510Precision levels
96B7512Steel tape measures
97B7516Metal rules
98B7522Textile tape measures
99B7524Feeler gauges
100B7534Carpenter's squares
102B7611-1Nonautomatic weighing instruments -- Metrological and technical requirements and Tests -- Part 1: General measuring instruments
103B7613Household scales -- Bathroom scales, baby scales and cooking scales
104B7914-2Marks for survey and boundary -- Part 2: Metal markers
105B7914-3Marks for survey and boundary -- Part 3: Nail Markers
106B8210Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure -- Safety valves
107B8247Formed head for pressure vessel
108B8360Rubber hoses assemblies -- Wire- or textile-reinforced single-pressure types for hydraulic applications
109B8362Textile reinforced thermoplastic hose assemblies for hydraulic use
110B8409Pressure type solenoid pumps for oil burners
111B8811Round slings for lifting purposes
112B8816Chain slings for lifting purposes
113B8818Webbing slings for lifting purposes
114B8850Web lashings made from man-made fibers
115B9212Bush cutter saws