Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division H : Nonferrous Materials and Metallurgy

No.JIS NumberJIS Title
1H2105Pig lead
2H2107Zinc ingots
3H2113Cadmium metal
4H2116Tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder
5H2118Aluminium alloy ingots for die castings
6H2121Electrolytic cathode copper
7H2141Silver bullion
8H2201Zinc alloy ingots for die casting
9H2202Copper alloy ingots for castings
10H2501Phosphor copper metal
11H3100Copper and copper alloy sheets, plates and strips
12H3110Phosphor bronze and nickel silver sheets, plates and strips
13H3130Copper beryllium alloy, copper titanium alloy, phosphor bronze, copper-nickel-tin alloy and nickel silver sheets, plates and strips for springs
14H3140Copper bus bars
15H3250Copper and copper alloy rods and bars
16H3260Copper and copper alloy wires
17H3270Copper beryllium alloy, phosphor bronze and nickel silver rods, bars and wires
18H3300Copper and copper alloy seamless pipes and tubes
19H3401Pipe fittings of copper and copper alloys
20H4000Aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets, strips and plates
21H4001Painted and baked aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets and strips
22H4040Aluminium and aluminium alloy bars and wires
23H4080Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes and cold-drawn tubes
24H4100Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded profiles
25H4140Aluminium and aluminium alloy forgings
26H4301Lead sheets and plates and hard lead sheets and plates
27H4311Lead and lead alloy tubes for common industries
28H4461Tungsten wires for lighting and electronic equipments
29H4463Thoriated tungsten wires and rods for lighting and electronic equipment
30H4631Titanium and titanium alloys -- Welded tubes for heat exchangers
31H4635Titanium and titanium alloys -- Welded pipes
32H5401White metal
33H8300Thermal spraying -- Zinc, aluminium and their alloys
34H8601Anodic oxide coatings on aluminium and aluminium alloys
35H8602Combined coatings of anodic oxide and organic coatings on aluminium and aluminium alloys
36H8615Electroplated coatings of chromium for engineering purposes
37H8641Hot dip galvanized coatings
38H8642Hot dip aluminized coatings on ferrous products
39H8643Hot-dip zinc-aluminium alloy galvanized coatings