Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division K : Chemical Engineering

No. JIS Number JIS Title
1K1401Dichromium trioxide
2K1402Chromium trioxide
3K1403Sodium dichromate dihydrate
4K1408Sodium silicate
5K1410Zinc oxide
6K1414Barium chloride
7K1423Aluminum sulfate
8K1449Phosphoric acid
9K1450Aluminium sulfate for water works
10K1475Poly aluminium chloride for water works
11K1902Dissolved acetylene
12K2170Reclaimed oil
13K2201Gasoline for industrial purpose
14K2202Motor gasoline
16K2204Diesel Fuel
17K2205Fuel oil
18K2207Petroleum asphalts
19K2211Refrigerating machine oils
20K2213Turbine oils
21K2215Internal combustion engine oils
22K2219Gear oils
23K2220Lubricating grease
24K2233Non-petroleum base motor vehicle brake fluids
25K2234Engine antifreeze coolants
26K2238Machine oils
27K2239Bearing oils
28K2241Cutting fluid
29K2242Heat treating fluids
30K2247-1Diesel engines -- NOx reduction agent AUS 32 -- Part 1: Quality requirements
31K2435-1Benzene・Toluene・Xylene -- Part 1: Benzene
32K2435-2Benzene・Toluene・Xylene -- Part 2: Toluene
33K2435-3Benzene Toluene Xylene-Part 3: Xylene
34K2436Naphthalene for industrial use
35K2437Phenols (phenol, o-cresol, cresols and xylenols)
36K2438Pyridine bases (Pyridine Picoline Quinoline)
37K2439Creosote oil Prepared tar Tar pitch
38K3151Recommendations for phosphate conversion coatings to ensure good adhesion of paints, varnishes and related coatings
39K3301Toilet soaps
40K3370Synthetic detergents for kitchen
41K3371Synthetic detergents for home laundering
42K5112Ultramarine pigments -- Specifications and methods of test
43K5663Synthetic resin emulsion paint and sealer
44K5665Traffic paint
45K5970Interior floor coating
46K6302Cycles -- Tyres
47K6304Inner tubes for bicycle tyres
48K6323Classical V-belts for power transmission
49K6329Retreaded tires
50K6333Gas welding equipment -- Rubber hoses for welding, cutting and allied processes
51K6348Rubber tubes for gas
52K6353Rubber goods for water works
53K6401Flexible cellular polymeric materials -- Polyurethane foam for load-bearing applications excluding carpet underlay -- Specification
54K6703Industrial nitrocellulose
55K6718-1Plastics -- Poly(methyl methacrylate) sheets -- Types, dimensions and characteristics -- Part 1: Cast sheets
56K6718-2Plastics -- Poly(methyl methacrylate) sheets -- Types, dimensions and characteristics -- Part 2: Extruded sheets
57K6723Plasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds
58K6732Poly (vinyl chloride) films for agriculture
59K6735Plastics -- Polycarbonate sheets -- Types, dimensions and characteristics
60K6739Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipe fittings for drain
61K6741Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes
62K6742Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes for water supply
63K6743Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipe fittings for water supply
64K6744Polyvinyl chloride prepainted and laminated metal sheet and strip
65K6745Plastics -- Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) sheets
66K6761Polyethylene pipes for general purposes
67K6762Double wall polyethylene pipes for water supply
68K6769Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes
69K6770Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe fittings
70K6773Polyvinylchloride waterstop
71K6776Chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-C) pipes for hot and cold water supply
72K6777Chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-C) pipe fittings for hot and cold water supply
73K6778Polybutene (PB) pipes
74K6779Polybutene (PB) pipe fittings
75K6781Polyethylene films for agriculture
76K6787Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes for water supply
77K6788Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe fittings for water supply
78K6804Poly(vinylacetate) emulsion adhesives for woods
79K6806Water based polymer-isocyanate adhesives for woods
80K6820Fluid sealants
81K6885Unsintered polytetrafluoroethylene tapes for thread sealing
82K6903Laminated thermosetting high-pressure decorative sheets
83K6912Laminated thermosetting sheets
84K6913Laminated thermosetting rods
85K6914Laminated thermosetting tubes
86K6915Phenolic moulding compounds
87K6916Urea-formaldehyde moulding compounds
88K6917Melamine-formaldehyde moulding compounds
89K6918Diallyl phthalate moulding compounds
90K6931Reclaimed plastics bars, rods, plates and piles
91K6932Recycled plastics stakes

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