Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division R :Ceramics

No. JIS Number JIS Title
1R1301Porcelain crucibles for chemical analysis
2R1302Porcelain basins for chemical analysis
3R1307Porcelain combustion tubes for chemical analysis
4R1401Non-Metallic protection tubes for thermocouples
5R1402Non-metallic insulating tubes for thermocouples
6R2304Fireclay brick
7R3202Float glass and polished plate glass
8R3205Laminated glass
9R3206Tempered glass
10R3209Insulating glass
11R3211Safety glazing materials for road vehicles
12R3213Safety glass for rolling stock
13R3301Glass beads for traffic paint
14R3411Textile glass chopped strand mats
15R3412Textile glass rovings
16R3413Textile glass yarns
17R3414Textile glass fabrics
18R3415Textile glass tapes
19R3416Finished textile glass fabrics
20R3417Textile glass -- Woven roving
21R3419Textile glass chopped strands
22R3503Glass apparatus for chemical analysis
23R3504Glass material for chemical analysis
24R3505Volumetric glassware
25R3701Lead glass for X-ray protection
26R5210Portland cement
27R5211Portland blast-furnace slag cement
28R5212Portland pozzolan cement
29R5213Portland fly-ash cement
31R6111Artificial abrasives
32R6210Vitrified grinding wheels
33R6212Resinoid grinding wheels
34R6213Depressed center wheels with fabric reinforcement
35R6214Resinoid cutting-off wheels
36R6251Abrasive cloths
37R6252Abrasive papers
38R6253Waterproof abrasive papers
39R6255Abrasive discs
40R9001Industrial lime
41R9111Plaster of paris mold for pottery

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