Scope of Certification

JIS Standards - Certification Covered by JQA

Division T :Medical Equipment and Safety Appliances

No. JIS Number JIS Title
1T8101Protective footwear
2T8103Anti-electrostatic footwear
3T8115Protective clothing for protection against chemicals (type4,type5,type6 only)
4T8131Industrial safety helmets
5T8133Protective helmets for motor vehicle users
6T8134Protective helmets for bicycle users
7T8141Personal eye protectors for optical radiations
8T8142Personal face protectors for welding
9T8147Personal eye protectors
10T8155Compressed air open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus
11T8156Oxygen-generating closed-circuit breathing apparatus
12T8165Personal fall-arrest systems
13T9106Rubber nipples
14T9201Manually propelled wheelchairs
15T9203Electric wheelchairs
16T9205Hospital beds
17T9207Portable ramps for wheelchairs
18T9208Electrically powered scooters
19T9254Electrically operated adjustable bed for home use
20T9257Transfer boards and bathtub shelves
21T9258Duckboards for a bathroom or a bathtub use
22T9259Bathseats for a bathtub use
23T9260Assistive products -- Shower chairs
24T9261Assistive products -- Commode chairs

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