Application Forms

EMC / Wireless Testing

Please send the application documents either by e-mail, fax or post to the testing center/laboratory at which you wish to make the application. (In case of post, test sample(s) can be enclosed with the documents.)
Please read the "Terms of Agreement for Applications regarding Testing and Certification Services" before proceeding with your application.

List of Required Forms
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* Please use this column when the format(s) is/are separately needed.

Application Forms (01-03) (PDF: 875KB) 01 [Application Form 1/2]
JQA Application for Testing/Certification Services (PDF: 489KB)
  • * In case of more than one service at the same time (such as the simultaneous application for CB Certification and Application agency service), please provide us with only one sheet (1st page) of the application form.
  • * Please include the signature or the seal of Applicant's responsible person.
02 [Application Form 2/2]
EMC / Wireless Testing (PDF: 52KB)
03 Shipping Address List (PDF: 270KB)
  • * If this list is not provided or is kept blank, this item will be sent for the attention of the contact person noted in the application form.
When necessary
Power of Attorney (PDF: 777KB)
  • * If the applicant and the contact person belong to different entities each other, please provide us this document.
When necessary
Documentation to be prepared by the Applicant
User manual Requisite
Specifications Requisite

Note on Electronic Application Registration

By registering under the Electronic Application system, you can omit the signature/seal from the next application.

If you wish the registration, please fill out the "Electronic Application Registration Form" and send it to any JQA's Center or Laboratory where you apply, by PDF e-mail. (Original paper form is not required)