IECEE CB Certification
(Certification Services)

As a National Certification Body (NCB), JQA conducts testing pursuant to IEC standards and issues CB Test Certificates.

Simplify the Global Approval Process

JQA offers a global approvals service that can be applied for jointly with CB Test Certificates. You can reduce certification costs and shorten your time-to-market by utilizing JQA's CB Test Certificates to meet varying global requirements.

Simplify Approvals in Asia

Beginning with the S-JQA mark in Japan, JQA offers approval services which utilize CB Test Certificates for each country in Asia.
As a member of the Asia Network Forum (ANF), JQA offers services in cooperation with CQC (China), KTL (Korea), ETC (Taiwan), TUV SUD PDB (Singapore), and QUATEST3 (Vietnam).

The ANF was created with the aims of promoting cooperation and mutual understanding, improving technical competence, and expressing regional concerns at international conferences. Currently, ANF is comprised of testing and certification bodies from 6 regions, CQC, KTL, ETC, TUV SUD PSB, QUATEST3, and JQA.

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