PSE Mark
Mandatory Safety & EMC Approval

PSE Certification

All Specified Electrical Products must undergo third-party conformity assessment for PSE certification and display the diamond PSE mark.

Diamond PSE

JQA's PSE Certification services include:

  • Conformity assessment of products for their relevant type classification (as defined by METI)
  • Factory inspections (inspections of on-site testing facilities)

Conformity assessment and factory inspections are conducted for each factory location.

Overseas manufacturers are eligible to be certificate holders. However, the importer must obtain an official duplicate of the PSE Certificate from JQA at the time of import.

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PSE Compliance Testing

Manufacturers or importers are obligated to test all models (both Specified and Non-Specified Electrical Products) for compliance with PSE technical standards and keep a record. Although this test report need not be submitted to the government, METI retains the right to require submission of a copy when deemed appropriate.

Manufacturers are advised to keep a clear record of carrying out this step and make sure their importer has a copy of the relevant test reports.

When it is impractical or inconvenient to use in-house test facilities, JQA can conduct compliance testing to PSE technical standards. JQA can conduct custom testing for all test items in the technical requirements, or custom testing for only those test items selected by the applicant.

Diamond PSE Circle PSE

Flow chart

Note: These test reports are intended to fulfil PSE compliance testing requirements (PSE Law, Article 8-1).
Separate conformity assessment testing is required for PSE Certification (PSE Law, Article 9).